ISOLMOC and BASF’s event in Maputo

ISOLMOC and BASF’s event in Maputo

On 4 July, a joint event was held between the GINT Group associate in Maputo (ISOLMOC) and BASF at the Hotel Serena Polana in Maputo. The main objective of the event was to present BASF solutions for the Construction area in general, with the invited companies (construction companies, architectural and engineering offices and concrete plants).

BASF gave a detailed presentation of its world history and economic position, as well as its product range, mainly divided into the following business areas:

 Paving Solutions;

 Waterproofing and Repairing Concrete;

 Construction System and Adjuvants.

 BASF has also presented an electronic portal for architecture and engineering offices to consult the full range of products in detail and also to obtain online training (

The event also served for BASF to register, with all present, that the GINT Group is its partner in the Mozambican market.

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