Gint Group

Group GINT – Global Markets

It is a business group, headquartered in Lousada (Porto district), which operates in the industrial, commercial and agricultural sector.

Its ambition is to support customers anywhere in the world, as it has not only extensive knowledge of the mechanisms of international trade but also a solid team working constantly to find the best solutions available to its customers.

Besides its headquarters in Portugal, the group has two subsidiaries, which also serve as commercial and logistical support to the African market: Isolmoc (in Maputo) and GINT Nacala (in Nacala, Nampula province).



Provide products and services that simplify the life of the client, promoting their satisfaction and society in general, from the economic, social and environmental point of view.



To be recognized globally as a preferred partner for excellence in solutions and service.



Customer orientation: To exceed customer expectations by offering flexible and value-added solutions;
Respect for people: We are open to pluralism and different cultures, making no distinction of sex, age, race or nationality, an absolute condition for the individual and professional development of each one. In addition, we promote the continuous qualification of all employees, developing their professional skills;
Safety: To guarantee the best working conditions to our employees, eliminating the inherent risks of the activity;
Trust: To base the Group's daily practice on respect for colleagues, clients and suppliers, believing in the work capacities of each one;
Loyalty: To guide the Group's performance in professionalism, in the rigor of operations and in the transparency of relations;
Authenticity: We are true to ourselves and ambitious, consistent and humble.
Innovation: Focus our competitive advantage on innovation, looking for continuous improvements in the management processes and the offer of value to the customer;
Sustainability: To foster the sustainable development of the organization through a transparent and ethically responsible conduct;
Environment: To continuously improve the Group's environmental performance, aiming at preventing pollution, reducing waste, atmospheric emissions and energy consumption, using rationally natural resources.


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