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Gint Portugal: Grecogeste - Trading de Produtos e Serviços, S.A.

Rua Dr. Afonso Quintela, nº161 | 4620-914 Nespereira - Lousada, Portugal

Tlf: +351 255 810 570 | E-mail:

NIF: 503853780


GINT Portugal is the base of the GINT - Global Markets Group, since it was and continues to be, through its headquarters in Lousada, in the north of Portugal, that all national and international projects are studied and implemented.

The company Maria Odete dos Santos Costa Fernandes, Lda. Was founded in 1995, with the sale of statues and decorative items in plaster, such as frames and centers. For this reason, the name of the company was adapted to the activity, being called Grecogesso - A Arte em Gesso, Lda.

In 1997, also thanks to the change to the facilities in Nespereira - Lousada, which currently have about 1,600m2 of covered surface, plus 2,500m2 abroad, the range of products was extended, with the introduction of Exterior and Interior Coatings and Thermal and acoustic insulation.

Since then, in the Portuguese market, thanks to its technical team of specialized professionals, this company is taken as a reference in the distribution of this type of products.

For all this, it was in a natural way that the business opportunities with the African markets arose, which were harnessed with the same cunning and strategic vision that characterize this Group.

The GINT Group currently has contacts with Angola, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Morocco, Algeria, Senegal, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, Guinea, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, the Democratic Republic of Congo and also Asia, the United Arab Emirates ( Dubai) and Iran.

The distribution to these markets of Insulation, Coatings, Waterproofing, Machines, Tools, Doors, Industrial Equipment, Electricity, Plumbing, Chemical Products, among many others, led to the company once again adapting to a new reality , creating GINT Portugal: Grecogeste - Trading of Products and Services, Lda., that at the moment is already a Corporation.

The quality of its products and the efficiency of its logistics, where all loads are studied in detail, have made GINT Portugal, as in the Portuguese market, a reference partner for sectors.

Based on this international experience acquired in 2011, the following step was taken with the opening of a branch in Mozambique, Isolmoc - Montagem e Comércio de Isolamentos e Revestimentos, Lda., In Matola, Maputo province.

In 2012, GINT Nacala: Grecogeste Internacional, Lda., The second subsidiary in Mozambique, now in Nacala - Nampula, was created to promote trade in the northern region of Mozambique and international trade, countries such as Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, southern Congo and Tanzania.


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