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GINT Group has always invested in and continues to invest in the development and retention of the best professionals.

Our permanent team is responsible for maintaining within the company the experience and know-how that guarantee a significant differential of quality and capacity of response to the requests of our clients.


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Location: Maputo - Mozambique
Company: Isolmoc Lda.
- Professional experience
(Professional experience will be valued in one of the following business areas: Construction Materials, Concrete Adjuvants, Wood Derivatives, Agrochemicals)
- Availability to work for several years in Mozambique
(Prior knowledge of the Mozambican market and / or current residents in Mozambique will be valued)
- Strong organizational capacity, pro-activity, dynamism, analytical capacity
- Ease of communication, interpersonal relationship and team spirit
- Proficiency in English
Contact: Send your Application and your Curriculum Vitae to