A good architectural project should be accessible to everyone regardless of their physical and cognitive abilities. To raise awareness of these issues and help you with the design process, we have compiled some basic operations that must be completed so that people can inhabit residential spaces comfortably and without obstacles. [Ver mais]


Cortesia de Hunter Douglas Architectural

Even unintentionally, we sometimes get to know the life of our next-door neighbor by hearing all their conversations through the walls. [See more


Hipoalérgico e fácil de limpar

Vinyl flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC. The material comes in blankets, plates or rulers and combines with virtually all indoor and outdoor environments such as bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, offices and kitchens. [See more]


Concrete, a building material par excellence, has afforded us for decades the ability to shape our cities quickly and effectively, rapidly expanding into urban outskirts or reaching heights previously unthinkable by mankind. [See more]



In fact, black is never the first choice when it comes to painting indoor or residential building facades. It's because? It is because, generally, due to various cultural and historical associations, people come to believe that this color refers to darkness, sadness and mysterious events, such as Halloween. [See more]


We are surrounded by renowned architect designs and even more incredible designs. These are eye-catching mansions like The O.C series or luxurious apartments of countless square meters. But do we need all this to live well? [See more]


You may have noticed that in recent times, a concept that stands out in the field of technology is Artificial Intelligence (AI). The truth is that our expectation of creating intelligent machines is not new (an example is the films that had already portrayed the subject for years), but we are getting closer and closer. [See more]



Between drones, 3D printing, smart buildings and other novelties, the trend is that the way of building will be revolutionized in the coming years. [See more]



Soft shades of green, lilac, blue and neutrals help to convey feelings of relaxation and comfort and are suitable for the rooms. [See more]


 Combine as cores de tinta com a arquitetura e demais componentes

The most visually striking choice when renovating a home is a new painting. By doing this outside your home, you can create a facade that fits the style you want. [See more]


Think of urban growth as follows: A city the size of Manhattan is being built every day. Much of this growth (...) [See more]


Augmented Reality (AR) is growing rapidly and expanding into numerous commercial and industrial applications. [See more]


 DIY: 15 dicas simples para pintar a casa e poupar dinheiro

For those who like to do things for themselves or have no budget to hire those who do for themselves, we have 15 professional tips for painting the house. [See more]


The world still needs urgent answers to combat climate change. And given that cities consume 75% of Earth's resources despite occupying only three percent of the planet's surface, there is enormous potential for combating CO2 emissions in urban centers. [See more]


If you search interior design magazines or specialist websites for inspiration to change your home, don't worry if you sometimes find conflicting opinions. [See more]



What is a passive house? The passive house is a German certification model for sustainable building, created with the aim of building houses or buildings with zero or very low energy consumption. [See more]


10 dicas para construir a sua casa

Building a property, be it a house or building, is considered a big challenge, even for architecture professionals. Although they are trained to do so, they need to take into account their client's needs for that space, so the task is more complex than it actually looks. [See more]